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Automotive Protection Solutions- Paint Protection Film (PPF), Ceramic Window Tint, Ceramic Coating Austin, Dripping Springs, Lakeway, Westlake Texas

Ceramic Coating

Automotive Protection Solutions Ceramic Coatings offer a durable, high-gloss finish that shields your car from dirt, chemical stains, and UV rays, ensuring a lasting showroom shine. With its hydrophobic properties, this advanced technology repels water and grime, simplifying the cleaning process and reducing maintenance efforts. Elevate your vehicle's aesthetic appeal and protect its paint for years to come by opting for ceramic coating application today.

Ceramic coating is a liquid polymer that is applied to the exterior of a vehicle. When it cures, it forms a protective layer that bonds with the factory paint, creating a semi-permanent barrier. This coating provides significant protection from various elements such as UV rays, dirt, chemical stains, and other contaminants. 



+Decontamination Wash

Our Decon Wash is a meticulous and specialized cleaning process used to remove contaminants and pollutants from the surface of a vehicle, particularly the paint, wheels, and other exterior components.

+Paint Correction 

 Paint Correction is designed to eliminate hazing, slight scratches, marring, swirl marks, oxidation and other imperfections found on a vehicle's clear coat. This process involves the use of polisher and polishing compounds, carefully eliminating minuscule layers of clear coat until the surface achieves a renewed smoothness.


+Ceramic Coating Application 

The ceramic coating is carefully applied to the vehicle's surfaces. This is typically done in sections to ensure even coverage. The coating is applied using applicator pads, and it needs to be spread evenly and thinly to avoid highspots.


+Quality Check 

After the ceramic coating has cured, a final inspection is conducted to ensure that it has been applied evenly and has created a smooth, protective layer

The Coating Process


+Preserve Vehicle's Appearance

Coatings help maintain the pristine look of your vehicle by protecting the paint and reducing the effects loss of gloss.

+Enhanced Aesthetics

The coating provides a glossy and smooth finish that enhances the appearance of the vehicle, giving it a high-end look.

+Ease of Cleaning

The hydrophobic nature of the ceramic coating repels water and dirt, making it easier to clean the vehicle. This property also helps to prevent water spots and mineral deposits.

+Protection Against Environmental Factors

Ceramic Coatings offer a protective barrier against contaminants keeping your vehicle looking its best.



Level 1 Coating

Decontamination Wash

Clay Bar 

Paint  Prep

1 Year Ceramic Coating Application 

Sedan: $499  | Compact SUV: $599 | Regular Size SUV & Trucks: $699

Level 2 Coating

Decontamination Wash

Clay Bar 

Iron Remover

Ceramic Coating Application

Paint Correction 

Paint Prep

5 Year Ceramic Coating Application 

Sedan: $1099  | Compact SUV: $1199 | Regular Size SUV & Trucks: $1299

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